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  • Located just upstream from the internationally renowned telecom hub
  • Meeting Tier 4/VK 4 requirements for power and connectivity
  • Top-quality connectivity for local businesses and global players
  • Integrating green efficiencies into every aspect

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Announcement Letter

NewTelco is pleased to announce their plans for a pioneering new data center set to open in the second half of 2022. Located in Karlstein am Main, close to the international telecom hub of Frankfurt am Main, the new data center will serve global players needing an additional presence in the heart of the EU, as well as businesses in Germany. NewTelco’s Managing Director Jens Leuchters explains the reasoning behind the choice for Karlstein: “As our colocation business continues to grow, it only makes sense to invest in a larger, more advanced data center to add to our current capacity in Frankfurt. Karlstein is the ideal location, close enough to Frankfurt to ensure top quality connectivity, but also allowing us to expand our services to reach new target groups.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why in Karlstein?

Karlstein provides great connectivity to Europes internet hub - Frankfurt am Main. Here we can take advantage of both lower operating costs and less expensive utilities, all while preserving the fast service you have come to know and love at NewTelco.

What is different about MainRZ?

MainRZ is joining the ranks of modern datacenters - computing environments where we place more value on running in a more efficient and climate friendly manner. Become a part of the green datacenter network and enjoy benefits like cheaper renewable energy costs and peace of mind that we are operating in a way that our children and their children will also still have datacenters.

How is the service?

We strive to keep the same great level of service we have offered our customers through NewTelco for over 15 years now. Karlstein is only a short 20 minutes car ride away from our headquarters in Frankfurt am Main - so our expert remote hands technicians can be on-site to assist you in any way in no time!